Just a shave

I could smell the bay rum when he walked into the house.

Everybody knew when Grandpa had some special locale to go. He would go to the barber shop and come back smelling appreciate bay rum. He would laugh and nuzzle Grandma’s neck and he would smile. He said a close shave always made his delighted. I was too young to understand what he was saying, even though I remember Grandma’s smile when he nuzzled his neck. After Grandma passed away, Grandpa didn’t go to the barber shop. He said there was no need for a haircut and a close shave. There wasn’t anyone to appreciate it. Then after about 2 years after Grandma died, Grandpa came to the beach house smelling appreciate bay rum. He looked delighted and not so tired. He told myself and others he was going to transfer into the retirement community. He had already sold his beach house and had paid for a new beach house right ‘in the thick of it’. He had heard the ladies were as old as he was, and no 1 wanted a relationship. He just wanted people his own age to talk to you. I asked him why he got the haircut and a close shave. He winked and told myself and others that if I didn’t understand by now, I never would. Grandpa never forgot about Grandma, but thanks to his close shaves, he had a lot of dealer. Last week, he showed up at mom’s beach house and called a important family meeting. I could smell the bay rum when he walked into the house. He had his close shave and a fresh haircut. He said he was going on a cruise for 2 weeks. He opened the door and let a man into the house. He told us he was going to be his sailing mate.

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