Small House Means small Heating Bill

If there is 1 good thing about residing in a small home, it’s that it is genuinely easy to afford heating and cooling.

My home is only slightly larger than your average apartment, I know, it’s quite small.

But I don’t mind living in a tiny home, a lot of people appreciate an average sized or even larger home, although I enjoy simple things, plus I genuinely don’t even know what to do with all that extra space. Besides, the greater the condo the more extravagant it is to take care of. My little home I have already completely paid off, plus not numerous people are mortgage free. Anyways, our home didn’t come with heating plus cooling so I had to buy it. Thankfully, due to limited square footage, all I needed was an area furnace plus a portable a/c. I could have also obtained a window air conditioner, however a window a/c is stuck in only that 1 room, plus a portable a/c you can wheel around with you, which I find to be much more useful. I spend genuinely little money on heating plus cooling simply because it doesn’t take a whole lot of energy to change the thermostat reading. Now there are some setbacks, 1 of them being since our home is small, if there are drastic changes in temperature outside, so will our home. So if our Heating plus Air Conditioning units break, I’m going to be in trouble. But as long as I have both our heating plus cooling machine up and running optimally, I should be good to go. Also, occasional Heating plus Air Conditioning repair is okay with me.

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