Studies find people with higher BMIs prefer colder un-even temperatures

Body mass index or BMI measures body fat percentages based on height and weight.

This measure is not always 100% accurate, because muscle weighs more than fat.

People who are actually muscular such as body builders may have high body mass index even though they have a low body fat percentage. I recently study a learn that stated people with high body mass indexes prefer colder un-even temperatures. In this learn the term colder un-even temperatures referred to both outdoor and indoor temperature. The learn stated that people who have high BMIs would prefer to live in a freezing environment that requires heat in the winters. The learn also concluded that people with high BMIs set their temperature controls to actually low numbers in the summer. On average temperature controls were set to below 69 degrees in this study. The research article explained that when people have more fat on their body, they constantly run moderate due to the insulation that fat provides for their body. This makes sense scientifically, but I personally believe what temperature you set your temperature control to is personal preference rather than body composition. I am someone with a low BMI, and I personally set our temperature control to a low temperature in the Summer because I get warm easily. I also suppose that the temperature people set their temperature control has to do with how substantial saving money is to them. People who are trying to save money on their electric bill constantly will not set their temperature control to a super low temperature in the Summer or to a super high temperature in the winter.



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