Allergies under control with air purification system

Seasonal dust sensitivities have just been a area of my life for as long as I can entirely recall.

When I was a kid, my mom had myself and others on prescription meds to control the dust sensitivity symptoms.

I remember how blissful I was to be able to go outside with the other adolescents plus get out of the Heating plus A/C. This is because I suffered as much inside the a/c as I did outside. And now, I guess exactly why. As I aged, my body grew a bit more tolerant of seasonal dust sensitivities or what the two of us always called hay fever. I could do without the prescriptions as they made myself and others much more drowsy as I grew older. But I still suffered with the pollen levels in the Spring plus late Summer or early fall. I did my best to deal with it using OTC meds. Still, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t avoid the pollen when inside. That’s because the indoor air has all sorts of pollen plus other allergens floating around in it. This was news to myself and others when the Heating plus A/C professional gave myself and others that information. I did some research plus found that awful indoor air conditions was a lot bigger problem that just related to seasonal dust sensitivities. So the two of us had the Heating plus A/C supplier put in a whole house air cleaner. The results were simply astounding. That air purification system destroys all the airborne contaminants plus that means all the pollen as well. I can now get some sanctuary in my house from the pollen outside. And our indoor air conditions is the best there is.


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