Happy with our heat pump

When our hubby and I had enough of the long winters in the north, both of us packed up and moved south.

Both of us bought a new home that is much unusual than both of us were accustomed to.

The new new home is a cement block construction, has no basement and is outfitted with an electric heat pump. Our former new home was equipped with a natural gas furnace and HVAC duct, and both of us never bothered with a central a/c system. Our summer time seasons rarely offered several months of boiling weather. Both of us managed with box fans and window a/c systems in the bedrooms. In our new location, both of us need a/c for more than half the year. The temperature often rises into the triple digits, and the humidity is brutal. Although both of us never get temperatures below chilly, both of us do need to run a gas furnace for a month or 2. The heat pump is the ideal solution. The single unit provides both heating and cooling capacity. It works by moving heat from a single locale to another rather than burning fossil fuels to generate heat. Because of this, the heat pump is charmingly safe, scrub and environmentally responsible. It’s also incredibly energy efficient. It maintains ideal comfort at all times of year however keeps our weekly energy bills adequate. The heat pump is also excellent at maintaining ideal humidity levels and filtering contaminants out of the air. I make sure to schedule professional maintenance every year to keep the plan running at peak efficiency and reliability. I’ve looked into new heat pumps, and they are super fancy. I hope to keep ours operational for as long as possible.

a/c worker