I don’t mess around when it comes to my HVAC equipment

I’m always ready to save money on just about anything I spend money on.

There are times where I will go across town just to save an extra ten bucks on something we use all the time.

I will also admit to relaxing in the air conditioning of my home while I cut coupons. There is not once ounce of shame in doing that. However, there is always a limit to just how far I’m willing to go to save money. And when it comes to my family’s comfort and wellbeing, I simply don’t skimp. Now that doesn’t mean I spend like a drunk frat guy either. But stuff like the HVAC equipment is not a place where I’m willing to cut corners to save a few bucks. When we bought our home, I replaced the old HVAC equipment as part of the sale. It actually saved me enough money that I was able to put all that savings into very high quality heating and cooling equipment. Our heat pump has one of the highest SEER ratings available. The quality heating and air we enjoy is simply wonderful. I love coming home to be enveloped in air conditioning bliss. But I also make sure that we spend the money to keep that HVAC equipment in top form. And I do that to a large degree by making sure that our HVAC unit gets consistent HVAC service from a licensed, certified HVAC professional. It’s just simply worth the every penny. I know my HVAC equipment will run at it’s best and most efficient. And I also am protecting my investment to ensure that we have the services of our great HVAC equipment for many decades to come.



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