I’m proud to be working for this Heating & Air Conditioning company

One of the coolest initiatives that our Heating & Air Conditioning company got involved in was the effort to help low-income families to get Heating & Air Conditioning equipment.

Every one of us put a particular amount of money into a fund that the two of us use to supply families with either significantly discounted Heating & Air Conditioning services or sometimes even a free Heating & Air Conditioning system altogether.

When the two of us do the free replacements, the two of us properly do a multi-zone ductless Heating & Air Conditioning system. Our number one replacements are absolutely the ductless mini split, those are fun. Well, I have seen a lot of grateful people through this initiative when giving out free Heating & Air Conditioning systems, but the last was a single that absolutely got me. This lady was so happy that she was crying & she was telling us about her story. She said she spent most of her time taking care of her father until he passed away. She was just able to start working again, but she was depressed now that her father was gone. She couldn’t afford to get the Heating & Air Conditioning system fixed in her condo & Heating & Air Conditioning professionals told her she would have to get a modern Heating & Air Conditioning system altogether, but fortunately, the two of us came through & the two of us told her the two of us were installing a modern ductless mini split at no cost, & she just about fainted initially. Even after everything was installed & completed, she still couldn’t believe that she had a perfectly working Heating & Air Conditioning & she didn’t have to spend the little amount of money she had in the bank. When I see situations care about this, it absolutely makes me proud to be working for this Heating & Air Conditioning company.
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