Keeping Heating & Air Conditioning cupboard under lock & key

I swear, it seems prefer each afternoon that passes brings more stuff that I never thought I would see here where I live.

And not in a good way.

While I try to be entirely grateful for the life I have & the community I’m a section of, there’s a lot of unusual things happening. It would be nice to come home, rest down in the a/c & turn on the television without some new threat being discussed. It’s just getting to be a bit overwhelming really. The latest thing that is happening in our community is really disheartening. And it’s an attach on an essential to our lives in our heating & cooling equipment. There are now thieves who are so desperate that they resort to ripping of stuff from an Heating & Air Conditioning unit. Now it would be 1 thing if the thieves were taking lavish heating & cooling components. But that is not the case at all. In fact, it’s nearly the opposite of that. These people are destroying the Heating & Air Conditioning cupboard & all those lavish components just to get to some copper. And Heating & Air Conditioning component has copper tubing & other copper pieces that have cash value. This is what the thieves are ripping out of the Heating & Air Conditioning cottageet. It’s really kind of crazy when you think about it. ThoUSAnds of dollars of Heating & Air Conditioning technology is left tossed along the yard for a few handfuls of copper. And then, these people are only getting pennies on the dollar when they sell it on the black market. What a shame. Now, I have had to lock down our own Heating & Air Conditioning cupboard to ensure that I’m not a victim of this insanity.


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