Lucked out and caught an HVAC problem early

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

That’s a fairly accurate description of life as far as I can tell. I’ve lived 55 years and have to say that prevention is always the easiest route. And I can attest to that as I learned most of the stuff from this life the hard way. Like I learned the hard way that HVAC maintenance is the way to go. My first house was where I learned that. I had sort of mid tier HVAC equipment that I never consistently got serviced by and HVAC professional. Actually, I was patting myself on the back if I even changed the air filter. I watched as that HVAC equipment degenerated into junk in just over 10 years. That was a lesson learned and from there on my HVAC equipment got regular HVAC maintenance. That said, there is another part to prevention and preparation and doing the right thing. And that would be a bit of luck. But I also think that prevention, preparation and doing the right thing can help manifest luck. That’s certainly what happened for me. I was walking out to get the mail and I heard the faintest but strangest sound coming from the HVAC cabinet outside the house. That led to a call to the HVAC company and they caught a big problem very early which saved me a bunch of money. So while I’ll keep up with the seasonal HVAC maintenance, I’ll also keep paying attention and let a stroke of luck help me along the way as well.


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