My number one beatbox station was giving out radiant heated floor replacements this past summer

I was gleeful as of late when listening to my number one beatbox station. They were having a special contest where they were giving away a free radiant radiant heated floors replacement for the fortunate winners. They were doing this through the Summer plus each week, there would be a fortunate winner towards the end of the week. You had to listen carefully though or you wouldn’t win. You had to name particular music that were played through the afternoon where they said a codeword after the song was played. This meant you had to be listening to the beatbox show all the time, even though I thought for radiant radiant heated floors, it was worth it. Anyway, it is my number one beatbox station so I don’t mind listening to them all the time. I’m sure this thing they did got a lot of people tuning in so they could be the fortunate winners. It was honestly amusing listening to a lot of callers calling in plus not having the right code words, it sounded savor they were guessing. I listened the whole time though plus I wrote the code words down. I kept calling into the station when it was time to call, even though I never got through until the third week. It was the last radiant heated flooring replacement plus I was so worried when they answered the PC. They asked if I knew the code words for that week, plus I froze. They said my time was about to be up plus then I snapped out of it plus blurted out the code words. They announced they had their winner plus before I knew it, I had radiant radiant heated floors installed in my house!

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