The bathroom could have used some cool air

I’ve worked in the construction field for a long time and it can be a tough job.

I spend 13 or 14 hours every day outdoors.

I also live in the southern area. No one quits in the afternoon unless the temperatures are over 100 and multiple degrees. I should not need to pass out from the exhaustion of heat before I go to the cabin and also rest. I suppose construction companies push ethical borders many times. I joined a new Contracting Company due to the fact that their porta potties had air conditioning. I’ve never seen a porta potty that actually had the air-conditioning and believed this would easily be a dream that came true. It is important to stay cool inside of a porta potty and sometimes outside it can feel like 100 and also 10 degrees. The construction company truly exaggerated the significance of this park because multiple porta potties do not have AC. I have worked at the same location for multiple years on several large projects. I have never experienced high quality or cold air. It should seriously be illegal for companies not to provide some cold air in that small and intensely Hot Space. While using the restroom, the body gets hot and also very tired. There are a couple of times when people have nearly passed out from the heat. Everyone in the company labors hard and deserves to have a cool place to sit and use the toilet once or twice a day. The contractor company said they would have AC in the bathroom, but that is not true.

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