The company is selling off all of their stock

My seasoned school is now a junkyard for random objects that no one can easily recognize.

It’s essentially become a flea market for people to post online products.

They bring them over to the school lot and try to sell these products. The school location receives a great deal of traffic. I recognize it seems to be a great location in which to do this. A person from a local heating and also AC business posted to sell many of the contractor vans. The heating and also AC business was going to be out of business so it was not necessary for the employees to use the Vans any longer. I went over to the school so I could speak with the professional contractor who was selling those work vans. It seemed that a competing AC Service contractor took all of her clients and drove her out of business. Without using the right SEO, the heating and AC business was not able to broadcast discounts and sales. The buyers tended to use the larger heating and AC contractor. Selling all of those vans was the only way that she could stay in business. She felt their currency from the heating and AC van would allow her a couple of months in business. It’s very sad when large companies come in and make the little guy no longer useful to the town. After the little guy moves out of town, the prices get raised and then everyone has to pay more for the same services. It is the same story over and over again.

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