The HVAC solution was right in front of me

I like a good puzzle or a mystery.

  • But only because I tend to be able to solve them without breaking my brain.

So when the HVAC ventilation in my house was uneven, it was a puzzle. Yet, it was a puzzle that did just about break my brain. When we moved in to the house, we fairly quickly noted a disparity of temperature in part of the house. It wasn’t like a big section of the house but it could be felt enough that my daughter moved her room. What’s now the guest room and a small study needed more heating in the winter and more HVAC cooling in the summer. I had the HVAC technician come in to check the HVAC equipment. He found nothing at all wrong with the HVAC unit. And that was comforting given the fact that the HVAC equipment was new. The HVAC professional and I walked around the house and he checked the ambient air temperature which confirmed the problem. The root cause was that the original HVAC ventilation plan was disrupted with added interior walls. And that’s just where it was left for years. But I never forgot about it and really wanted to solve this HVAC puzzle once and for all. Ironically, it was a fond memory of my youth that showed the answer and it had been right in front of me. I remembered that we went to a lodge that used room to room ventilators to move HVAC treated air. And there it was. Once those little fans were installed in the added walls, we had consistent heating and cooling throughout the house.

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