A special moment

Everyone has that a single special moment in life that is important to them.

It could be a milestone or it could be just something prefer a 50th anniversary party.

For me, our special moment was when I graduated from heating as well as a/c university. This was so special for me because I had worked so strenuous to be able to even go to Heating as well as A/C university, and coming up with the money to get the certification to be a heating as well as cooling specialist was not easy for a high university child of the time, plus the fact that I decided that I wanted to become a certified heating as well as a/c specialist rather late in the game. It was not until the year before our last of high university that this decision about the heating as well as a/c business was made. How did I come up with the money? Well, I worked our tail off at a task after university first off. Then on top of that, on weekends I did strange tasks for the neighbor which helped a bit. Then, to top it off, I got our parents to get a small loan for me to fill in the blanks of what I could not raise. Keep in mind, I had to go as well as complete high university in the nights during the week, so there was no time for any other tasks! But because I was so determined to become a certified heating as well as a/c specialist, I went through all this, and so graduation day from Heating as well as A/C university was a unquestionably special moment for me cause of all the labor it took to get there!



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