But it isn’t cold enough to turn on the furnace. (son was playing in the ice)

My son came into the house yesterday, and he was shivering. It was nearly ninety degrees outside, and I had no idea how he could be so cold. I checked his temperature to make sure he didn’t have a fever. He had been at our neighbor’s pool all afternoon, and I couldn’t believe the water was that cold. His lips were blue and he had goosebumps. He asked if I could turn on the heat so he could get warm. I told him it wasn’t cold enough to turn on the furnace. We were in the middle of a heatwave. The only thing I wanted running was the air conditioning. I put him to bed, and put an electric blanket over him. I called the doctor and told him I wanted an appointment. When my husband got home from work, I told him we had a doctor’s appointment in about an hour, and told him what happened with our son. He went upstairs to check on him, and he appeared to be fine. My husband questioned him about being so cold, he wanted to have the furnace on. My husband came downstairs laughing, and he told me to call and cancel the doctor’s appointment. Bobby and his friend thought the pool water was too hot, so they decided to stand in the chest freezer for half an hour. They took all the bags of ice out and put them in the pool to try to cool the water off. Then they climbed in the freezer. I was glad they didn’t close the lid while they were in there.

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