Can you find the number for the HVAC company?

I called my sister last week and asked if she could find the number of the HVAC company I used and text it to me.

She asked me which HVAC company I used? I couldn’t remember which one it was; only that it was in our local area.

She told me she needed the name of the company if she was going to look it up. She then asked me why I didn’t check it out in my contacts? I recently got a new phone, and when they asked if I wanted them to transfer my information, I said no. I knew who all my contacts were, and I didn’t want anyone to be able to get all my information. Now I was in a panic. All I wanted was to call the HVAC company and have my air conditioning unit fixed, and I didn’t have the phone number. I was going to go through the phone book, but they didn’t make phone books anymore. What I did have, the numbers and names were so small that I couldn’t read them unless I had a magnifying glass. My sister finally called and told me there was only one HVAC company in our area and they told her I was a customer. She made an appointment for the HVAC tech to arrive within two hours. She said she told them to give me a business card so I could put all their information into my phone. I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t have my sister. I would have probably ended up sitting in the house with no air conditioning for the entire day, and maybe even all night.


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