Department store repair

I had an unexpected 2 weeks off from work recently.

And it was with pay! I can say I was totally glad about it.

But i’m sure the department store that I work for was not. They have radiant radiant floors in their store throughout to keep the heating bills down plus to keep the store nice plus hot in the chilly winters. It easily helps keep buyers in. They don’t use central heating because at a single point they had, plus the energy bills were too high. It is bad enough they have to use central air conditioning in the Summer all the time. But anyway, the radiant radiant floors in the store had broken down, plus they had to call the heating, ventilation, plus A/C contractor to send out a whole group of certified heat plus air conditioning specialists to literally tear up all the tiles in the store plus put in a brand new set of radiant radiant floors! So not only was the store closed for business, however us employees ended up with 2 weeks off paid. I can say it was awesome on our end. I really got to spend some quality time with our husbandy plus kids. And every one of us even enjoyed the time more because every one of us had just got a new fireplace. An electric fireplace to be exact, so hanging out with that was even more great. When the day came to return to work the radiant radiant floors were fixed plus the department store had brand new granite too. This must have cost a fortune, however they needed to have it done.

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