Drowning out the thunder

There is nothing that bothers me more than super loud thunderstorms! Especially when they happen as I am trying to sleep! Having thunderstorms with all the crash as well as bang sounds they make is almost just as exhausting as trying to sleep with construction going on outside.

However, I finally figured out a fantastic solution to this.

And that was to turn on our central heating as well as a/c method to the fan setting as well as let it run all night. The sound of the fan as well as air coming out of the air vents of the central heating as well as a/c method can dull down the sound of the thunder just enough for me to be able to sleep as well as not let it keep me up or jolt me awake! In the event the thunderstorm happens while drastic heat is going on in our un-even temperatures, as well as the central a/c is already running, I will pop on the floor fan in our bedroom on low to mix it with the air flow sound of the central heating as well as a/c method to drown out the noise, and because the a/c is not consistent prefer the fan blow setting on the control component is. But either way, this system as well as the floor fan are the ways I figured out to drown out the thunder when it storms so I can really get some sleep without it bothering me.I just thought I would share this little piece of information because it may be helpful to someone else having the same sleeping concerns during thunderstorms.

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