I absolutely did not mind answering all of the questions

Occasionally I end up working for a buyer that wants to ask questions during the entire service appointment.

I absolutely don’t mind answering all of the questions, but there are times when I need to concentrate. A few weeks ago I was working on a ductless A/C upgrade task. The buyer remodeled the home office in their beach house and they decided to add a ductless A/C unit to the home office. I thought it was a wonderful idea because the buyer added windows throughout that room and they let a lot of heat and sunshine into the room. The sunshine room looks fantastic, but it does add a lot of sun. The buyer called our company a couple of days before she wanted to schedule the ductless A/C upgrade task. I was working that Saturday, so I decided to take care of the upgrade task on our own. As soon as I arrived, the buyer started asking questions about the upgrade task. I tried to answer the questions as I started preparing the section for the work. I was trying to transport quickly and methodically, but the buyer continued to ask more and more questions. I did not want to be rude, however I needed to concentrate on the past and I couldn’t answer questions and work at the same time. I finally told the buyer that I needed to focus on the ductless A/C upgrade task and she left the room, however unluckyly, she came back 10 minutes later and continued to ask more questions until I finished the task 6 minutes later.


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