If we needed something new, I wanted to upgrade

When the large window AC unit in the living room stopped working last weekend, I knew there was no repairing the machine.

  • After all, the window AC unit was 16 years old.

I purchased the machine when my wife and I still had children living in the house. Now that children have children of their own. I turned on the AC unit for the last time on Saturday. The machine ran for a couple of hours and then it started to spew hot air. I turn the AC on and off, hoping that would miraculously fix the problem. I tried to clean the air filter, but that didn’t help either. I looked online for a couple of helpful troubleshooting tips, but most of the messages claimed it was time to replace the machine. If we needed something new, I wanted to upgrade. I didn’t want another window AC unit in the living room. The machine was bulky, large, and loud. Every time we ran the window AC unit, we had to turn the television all the way up to the loudest setting. I decided to look at all of the options available and I stumbled across a ductless AC unit. The ductless system is quite a bit more expensive than a traditional window unit, but it is also far more energy efficient. The ductless system offers heating and cooling options and it has a separate thermostat so we can control the temperatures with ease. When I realized the ductless AC could be installed 4 a small amount of money, I contacted a contractor the next day.

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