My dog is uncomfortable around fans

About a year ago I made a big decision when I adopted my pet. She is a really wonderful pet except she has a lot of special quirks. She has a neurological disorder that limits her mobility and makes her rather hard to deal with on a daily basis. She was continually falling into things, flopping onto the ground, anf panicking when she couldn’t get back up. However, we made it work, and we spent a lot of time together. Unfortunately, it seems like there are some triggers in life that make her miserable and more frantic, and apparently, air quality control is one of her most stressful parts of life, yesterday I could not understand why she kept barking and growling as we sat around in ice frigid air conditioner and appreciated the fact that it was brutally hot outside, I was happy to be sitting indoors, with a cooling system chugging away in the background to supply fresh air to the apartment. I was more than happy to sit right in front of the window A/C units and enjoy all of the cool air that was passing through the vents. However, clearly she did not feel the same way about the indoor air temperature control. She was flinging herself all over around the room barking, looking really distraught at the air conditioner units and the box fan on the floor. If I turned off the air conditioner, she calmed right down, but then the indoor air temperature abruptly increased until she started panting and complaining about the air quality. At the end of the day, she had to get used to the A/C device and I had to keep my cool.