We’re almost there

It is really mind boggling with where the two of us are at with heating and A/C system technology today.

There comes a point where things are so advanced, it is nearly impossible to get any better or more advanced.

This is what I recognize is up with the whole heating and A/C system business. I mean, how much more advanced can the two of us get? We’re almost there to the point of impossible. With temperature controls, you can’t get much more advanced than a smart temperature control. There are even some smart temperature controls that are voice controlled and that talk back to you in a way. It’s called home automation at the end of the day. Then, with central heating and air conditioners themselves, the two of us have advanced to the point of having smart Heating, Ventilation plus A/C systems, smart air vents plus central heat and air conditioning system units that have SEER ratings so high, that you just can not possibly save any more on energy use. I may be wrong in my assumption as there are always inventors that are coming up with the most darndest things. But I just personally can not see it getting any better. All of us have reached a threshold, however let’s face it, heating and A/C system technology is the best it has ever been in history and if you really guess about what all this modern Heating, Ventilation plus A/C component can do, it will really blow your mind and show you proof that indeed the future is here to stay, and it is not going someplace any time soon!


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