When the air duct collapsed, I was in the lavatory

Inside of the office where I work, there is a pressing cut room for all of the employees to rest and relax. The cut room has a pressing table with several chairs and a long countertop with a sink, microwave, and toaster oven. We have a refrigerator and freezer, however it’s usually filled with old food and stale bread. There are a couple of snack machines in the cut room as well. They have items enjoy candy bars, snacks, cookies, soda, and popcorn. The only time I ever go to the cut room is when I need a cup of coffee. There are multiple pressing tea pots in the cut room. I went to the cut room on Sunday afternoon to grab a quick cup of tea before I started on the stack of paperwork piled up on top of my desk. I decided to brew a fresh pot of coffee. While I was waiting for the tea to brew, I stepped into the lavatory to wash my hands and adjust my shirt. a minute or multiple after I walked into the lavatory, I heard a loud crashing sound. I was terribly scared, because it sounded enjoy an explosion occurred in the cut room. I heard people screaming all over and I did not want to leave the lavatory. I heard voices in the room next to myself and others talking about the A/C air duct. I decided to open the door. The air duct for the A/C was all over the table. It looked enjoy the ceiling collapsed on the table; Pieces of the air duct and drywall were scattered all over the room. If I had been sitting under the A/C air duct, I would have been seriously destructiond.

a/c set up