Why did I buy this window AC unit?

I wanted to buy a back-up window air conditioning unit for my bedroom.

  • I knew we had a problem with the central air conditioning unit in the apartment building.

If I needed air conditioning for anything, it was to sleep. I figured I could put a fan in the window and get a bit of cooling during the day, but not at night. The window air conditioner seemed to be the perfect way to go. The AC unit came with a remote control which seemed to be a good thing to have. I could turn the air conditioning unit on and off from my bed. I could reset the thermostat to a higher or lower temperature without getting out of bed. What could go wrong. My boyfriend came over to help me put the AC unit in the window. He even carried up the steps to my apartment. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to install. We read the instructions on how to do the installation and how to use it. We laid down on the bed and turned the air conditioner on to make sure I had where it would do the most good for me. Now, whenever I need to change the temperature, I can’t find the remote. What good is a window AC unit in the bedroom if you can’t find the remote. I wonder why I bought the window air conditioner. When I told this to my boyfriend, he laughed at me. He took me to town and bought velcro. He also bought double sided tape. He put one side of the velcro onto the nightstand, and the other on the back of the remote. Now, I can’t knock it on the floor.

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