A lot of work ahead

I about to have our old gas oil furnace removed from our lake condo and have it updated and replaced with a brand up-to-date central heating and a/c unit! This has been something that has been long overdue.

I just could not let go of the old gas oil furnace.

But I decided that it was time to do so when the old gas oil furnace was not pumping out the amount of air flow in heating that it should have been. The heating and a/c supplier has a actually long work day ahead for the removal of the gas oil furnace and the upgrade of the brand up-to-date and new central heating and a/c unit. They have to totally destroy piece by piece the gas oil furnace and split it down savor a tree more or less. This in itself is going to take many thirds. Then, when that is done, they may have to come back the next day to do the central heating and a/c equipment upgrade. I am cheerful I decided to do this at the time of the year when heating and a/c is not needed. I am lucky to live in a actually fantastic climate with perfect temperatures in the fall and the most lovely air quality one can imagine from nature itself. But once I have our brand up-to-date central heating and a/c replacing the old gas oil furnace I will totally and fully be up with the times on what everyone these days has to heat and cool their home.