Running at full speed

One thing I have l received in the last year about central heating plus a/c units is to never crank them at their top capacity! Not that anyone would want to do that, however when your central heating plus a/c plan breaks down, a lot of people try to turn the thermostat to the max to see what it would do.

  • This could really end up killing your central heat plus a/c equipment plus make it burn out.

I l received this when I ended up doing exactly that the last time our heating plus a/c plan had an issue. When the certified heat plus a/c specialist from the local heating plus a/c business came to look at the broken down Heating plus Air Conditioning plan unit, they said that I needed a whole modern heat plus a/c unit. They then asked me if I cranked the thermostat all the way down or up, plus when I told them I did, they said that had I not done that, he would have been able to repair our central heating plus a/c unit. As at first, all it happened to be was a blown out fuse. Now, because I cranked the thermostat all the way down, it blew out the entire motor of the central heating plus a/c plan plus the circuits, however so now it is dead. The only solution is a brand modern heating plus cooling unit. So I l received our lesson plus l received it hard. Never crank the thermostat of the central heating plus cooling plan unit!


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