There is one new bar I actually like, and that’s because of the great air quality

I’ve honestly never been a huge fan of going to bars until fairly recently. My buddies insisted that I try going to one of the new bars in town. The place looked pretty fancy, but it was just never my scene. Well, when I went with them after they talked me into it, I was glad I went. The thing that probably impressed me the most was the fantastic air quality and perfect temperature control settings. Even though there were so many people in this place, it still felt perfectly relaxing and I loved how the place was set up. It was nice playing pool with my buddies and we got into some games of darts as well. I even enjoyed playing on the pinball machines which was great. The drinks were excellent and I even enjoyed most of the music that was playing. I mean, I do have to admit, the drinks get expensive after a little while but this is something I don’t mind doing now on occasion. I’m not trying to spend all my savings on drinking with buddies, but I actually do like that particular bar. If they suggest going to any other bars that don’t have the same excellent temperature control settings and air quality, I simply say I don’t want to. Why would I want to waste my money hanging out in a place that doesn’t make me feel comfortable? I’d rather spend money for some liquor and beer to take back to my house where I can set the ideal temperature control settings. I also have a couple of UV air purifiers at home, so I always have excellent air quality in my place too.
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