Tips on how to identify quality HVAC equipment

Fresh, dust-free, and moderate temperatures in our homes contribute to reduced respiratory conditions.

Very few people are aware of the in-house pollution that plays a major role in the development of such diseases.

We just celebrated the announcement from the ministry of health that indicated a reduction of respiratory issues in the country for the last two years. The reduction was attributed to the use of quality HVAC equipment in our homes, schools, and workplace. The minister had organized a small celebration and I had been invited as the guest of honor. This was owing to my position as the lead heating technician at the heating business downtown. I chose to speak more about heating and cooling units. I began my speech by paying tribute to all the honest heating dealers in the room. I applaud them for not offering most homeowner solutions for the most common issue which is poor quality heating in their homes. I advised the guests on the importance of regular heater maintenance and for those with boilers, the importance of boiler repair. I gave tips on how to identify an affordable yet efficient wifi thermostat. Secondly, I spoke about the importance of installing the new HVAC unit in our residential and commercial spaces. The benefits are greatly rewarding. It was unfair for me to end my speech without appreciating all the homeowners who have embraced the use of a geo heat pump as a renewable source of energy. I ended my speech with tips on how to identify a good quality gas furnace in the place of an oil one. I was pleased to be allowed to give such an informative and impactful speech on such a significant occasion.

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