We had to change the cooling unit at the beach house to enjoy the summer vacation

I knew my pals would enjoy themselves since there was better air conditioning

My friends and I had been cooped up in our homes for so long last winter. They finally lifted the lockdown, and all we wanted to do was escape the city. The previous year ended without a single vacation. We were determined not to experience the same again. My family had a beach house which I was free to use any time. Most of my family members had no interest in the place, so my friends suggested we go there. I went to the beach house a couple of weeks ahead to make adequate preparations. This included checking the aircon unit in the place. No one had turned it on in a while, and I wasn’t sure the cooling system was working. My suspicions were confirmed when I got to the house and tried to turn on the HVAC system. Nothing happened. The only option was to search for an AC supplier in the area and set up a new cooling unit at the beach house. The aircon vendor had excellent options, which included the latest eco-friendly air conditioners. He sent over three AC specialists to check out the ductwork in the house before conducting the HVAC installation. Parts of the air vents had gaps which would be an issue. So, they had to do duct repair and cleaning. After that, they set up the new HVAC unit together with a smart thermostat. I loved the new thermostat, which was easy to control using an app on my phone. I knew my pals would enjoy themselves since there was better air conditioning. Additionally, I had the aircon mechanics set up an air handler to help improve the indoor air quality. We still had to be careful with our health and didn’t want any outdoor pollutants affecting our summer break.

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