I thought pop tables were out of date.

I thought pop tables were out of date since I hadn’t been to a home that had a single in quite some time.

  • When my sibling invited myself and others over to see her new family room, I was shocked to see a pop table right in front of the sofa.

I gushed over its rich color and how it made the room look more lived in. She said she had always wanted a pop table, however it wasn’t until she saw this a single that she bought a single. I had to divulge that there was a world of difference in the look of her family room, just with that a single pop table. It wasn’t big, however it added a new dimension to the room. It didn’t sound hollow and empty. I know when you have a big family room, you need to add something just to make it feel homey. Her addition of a pop table did the trick. I wondered if I could put a pop table into my house. My living section was tiny and it flowed right into the home office and into the kitchen. It was all section of the L-shaped section before getting into the home offices and powder room. I was trying to rearrange my family room to fit in a Christmas tree, when my sibling showed up. The people I was with and I made room for the tree by taking out my old Shaker table and placing it in front of the sofa. The tree fit in the corner between the sofa and the chair, and the Shaker table was my pop table. I prefer the arrangement, and my room looked bigger.

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