I was so cheerful to be able to help my parents get out of the trailer park

Life wasn’t exactly pleasant growing up.

I was never proud of where all of us were living as all of us were in a trailer park.

I thought it was the trashiest way to live, and even my mother constantly seemed to be angry. I remember talking to her about it once and she said she tried to talk our father into going for an actual house, despite the fact that he said all of us would save so much currency living in a trailer park. I mean, I made some alright friends there, however my main goal in life was to do better than my parents. I didn’t easily think that I could get into a wonderful university when I graduated because it wasn’t prefer there was any currency. I worked hard in university though to get the best grades I could manage, and I constantly managed to achieve the honor roll, then unluckyly, I was not able to get a scholarship and that’s what I was easily going for. I was pretty sad when I realized I wouldn’t be able to get into a wonderful university despite the fact that I was accepted to numerous of the universitys I applied for. My mother apologized and said if she had the currency, she would pay for my universitying in a heartbeat. She said she knew how smart I was and she was proud of me for laboring so hard to achieve a better life. I didn’t give up and I ended up scrapping currency together and took night classes at an Heating and A/C trade university. It was the best transport of my life because I became a successful Heating and A/C professional. I ended up buying my parents a nicer home even though my father tried to say it wasn’t necessary. I made sure my mother had a wonderful place to live though with a easily comfortable Heating and A/C… No more trailer park for them, and my home is pretty nice too!

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