It was a sad moment for me when I realized my smart thermostat was busted to pieces

I was so happy when my wife got me this wonderful touchscreen smart thermostat for my birthday.

I was so fast to learn how to install the thing and I got it installed in no time.

It was pretty easy to do! I learned all the different features and I set everything up just the way I wanted. I really appreciate the geofencing feature. I love how the HVAC system will easily go to minimal settings when it detects that everybody has left the house. Of course we can override that feature too. It’s easy to adjust the temperature control settings to whatever I want from anywhere pretty much. Well, I was pretty upset when I came back home from work the other day to find that my beautiful smart thermostat was smashed to pieces on the ground. My wife said she already got to the bottom of it and said our son came home in a terrible mood after his football team lost their game. He also was disappointed that we did not show up to the game. Well, my wife and I were both busy at work and we couldn’t attend every single game. Also, our son should have known to be more responsible and not lose his temper. And he especially should have known not to take his anger out on my smart thermostat! Well, I decided to ground him for a whole month and I made sure he paid me back for the thermostat, even though it was a gift. Of course, I know that my wife paid a pretty penny for that smart thermostat.


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