Our new teacher needed more than just a simple heating unit

It took our new teacher a moment to accept the diverse seasonal variations after moving to our region.

We dwelled in colder weather conditions which meant Winter seasons were brutal followed by not so long spring and summer.

Our new teacher had to acclimatize to the cold weather but she soldered on thanks to our encouragement. Last Spring, our teacher experienced the worst allergic reaction he’d ever had and had to go to the hospital. There was simply too much pollen in the air that our teacher wasn’t used to. His dust sensitivities flared up, and he had to be rushed by his wife to get immediate medical attention. At the hospital, he spoke to the nurse about ways to upgrade their air quality. They had a working air conditioner which kept them warm during the Winter season. However, it did very little to improve air quality in Spring. That’s why there was so much dust in the air. The nurse informed our teacher and his wife to find an air conditioner dealer and get a whole-cabin air cleaner. The unit would be our teacher’s ally since it cleaned out all the indoor air leaving the area ideal for him. Our teacher wrote down the information and went online to check different AC sellers. He bought the best whole-cabin purifier there was with good reviews. After he located an HVAC company who sent an Heating as well as A/C expert to their cabin the following day to input the new method and a monitor to help keep an eye on their air quality. Our teacher was ecstatic with the outcome and started feeling better thanks to the cabin air purification unit.

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