Both of us tried using the portable air conditioner outside

Just a few weeks into the pandemic and lockdown, I started the project of giving my backyard a makeover.

I dug a fire pit in the middle of the yard, and surrounded it with gravel to make a cool kneeling area. I tuned up all the landscaping, added new plants, and trimmed back the overgrown hedges for the first time in years. I wasn’t satisfied, though, so I added a 10 by 15 movie screen to the side of the house, so that every one of us could watch movies by the fire! This was a huge hit for the kids, and reMEd so until the weather turned, and the need for air conditioner returned. There is something about the sound of a crackling fire that can add ambience to a movie, however alas, the sound of an air conditioner isn’t the same. First of all, cooling dissipates so abruptly outside that you can barely even know it when every one of us use the portable air conditioner. Second of all, the thing is insanely loud, nothing at all like a fire or a space heater. Why are space heating systems so whisper quiet and these cooling units so blasted loud? Both of us tried using the AC once or twice, however it just disrupted the movie and wasn’t as much fun, until the cold weather returned, every one of us just watched movies inside, in the comfort of the central air conditioner and waited until every one of us could get back to the fire. The portable air conditioner worked great, it just was never intended to be used in the open air like that.

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