Getting more for a house when its air conditioner is newer

I didn’t anticipate moving out of this house until I reached my retirement age, but my wife’s employer moved to a new state and we are following close behind.

They’re giving her a few months to work remotely while we get this house sold and emptied and a new one purchased and moved-into.

The hardest part was finding a new house in the city where the company is now located, since there’s a home shortage nationwide. But when we put our own house on the market, we had offers coming in daily. It was wild trying to field each of these individual offers while working daily with our real estate agent. I knew that COVID created a housing crisis, but I wasn’t sure what else had changed about our house for the value to rise. Since actual improvements to the home need deed approvals, remodelling will sometimes factor into a property appraisal. But the only change we had actually made to the house was upgrading the central heating and cooling system. Apparently new air conditioners and furnaces immediately raise the value on a property because it’s one less expense for the eventual buyer. I didn’t factor this in when we purchased our replacement house, but the housing shortage is so bad that it wouldn’t have helped even if we had. At least we got a lot more money for our house than we expected. That was a welcome change to be sure. Hopefully the buyer enjoys our house as much as we did over the years, particularly with that HVAC system which is only a few years old at this point.

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