I feel more mentally fit when I workout regularly

I have struggled with mental health issues since I was a teenager.

My parents thought I was disruptive and a trouble maker, but I had voices inside my head telling me to do some crazy things.

The voices were so loud that I couldn’t shut them up unless I was drinking or doing drugs. My parents called the police three times when I was a senior in high school, because they couldn’t control me. On the third time, the police decided to take me to a mental hospital and it was the first time I ever really got help for my mental problems. I was diagnosed with a mental illness that requires me to take a daily pill. The doctor told me that physical exercise would also be helpful. I started walking everyday for miles and miles. I walked until I had no energy left. I enjoyed being outdoors with the sunshine and the sound of the birds. It was almost calming to be in nature. Even now as an adult, I still enjoy taking my time outdoors. I feel more mentally fit when I work out regularly. I tried to get exercise every single day. Sometimes I go to the fitness center when the weather is less than ideal, but I prefer to take a walk or jog in the neighborhood and park by my apartment. My parents were ready to give up on me when I was still young, but thanks to the help of some kind and caring. I am finally able to enjoy a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.