My HVAC supplier just revamped their entire website

It’s hard trying to find businesses in my tiny community that haven’t embraced the future.

I spent some time in New York City and was impressed to see small businesses with credit card swipers attached to their Ipads.

But since my town is full of older folks, it’s common for businesses to neglect making websites or upgrading their point of sale systems since the 1980s. You’re on your own if you want a solid referral to a local business that you don’t pass by on your way to work or while you’re running errands around town. I was surprised when my heating and cooling supplier revamped their entire website for the first time since they originally hosted it online around 20 years ago. Imagine seeing late 1990s web design transition into a new website literally overnight. Now you can schedule your service and maintenance appointments for your HVAC system on the heating and cooling company’s new website. This is great if you don’t have a lot of time to get on the phone and sit on hold while waiting to speak with a person in the scheduling department. You also get an email verification to let you know when your appointment is scheduled, along with another email the day before to remind you. Seeing this website revamp for my HVAC company is reassuring, and has me hoping that they are able to afford these changes because they’re doing so well in the first place. It’s tough finding new contractors when old ones close their doors or move to other cities. I hope that my heating and cooling supplier is here for the long term.

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