Proper cooling is 1 of the best things in life

When I was twelve years seasoned Uncle Pete moved into the workshed in the backyard.

I remember the day so vividly, because it seemed terribly peculiar to me.

Pete needed a locale to stay after he came away from overseas, and my parents gave him the junky seasoned shed, later I would find out that he had not been overseas, he had been in jail, and my folks wanted to help him however didn’t want him living in the house with us. Uncle Pete seemed easily glad to be living in the shed, and ran some extension cords out from the house so he could have lights and air conditioner. Even at the time I was a little shocked that anyone could live like that, because eve with power and AC it was still an seasoned workshed with a brick floor and no insulation in the walls. Uncle Pete then explained to myself and others about the jail he had been in, and how they didn’t have climate control for the prisoners at all. There was no heating in the winter, and really no AC in the summer. They didn’t even have proper ventilation, because making the HVAC ducts too giant would pose a security risk for potential escapees. He told myself and others that although the shed was small, it was his and he could come and go as he pleased, and with the AC component in there it was more comfort than he had felt in years. For Uncle Pete it was the simple things that made life great, so as long as he had AC he was glad.
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