The apartment had awful indoor air pollen levels

They say you get what you spend money for as well as this could not be any more true when I came to the apartment that I rented. It was me, my partner, as well as my young boy. Both of us have recently fallen on taxing times as well as the people I was with and I had no option however to move from our loft into a cheap apartment until the people I was with and I can find a better job. I had lost my job when my business went out of business as well as as a result everybody lost their job. My partner had not had a job as well as had chosen this whole time to be a stay-at-loft mom. The idea had been truly working for us however now the people I was with and I needed to find something up-to-date as well as quick if the people I was with and I were going to get out of this cheap apartment. I was looking at as well as applying for weird jobs every single day until finally I got a fortunate chop as well as got something that would help get us out of here. Both of us hated living in the small apartment the people I was with and I were in. It was cramped, old, musty, as well as stinky. Both of us stayed there for 1 full year before I was able to move back! During that time while I complained about several things I would say by far the worst thing about it was that the indoor air pollen levels was terrible. It had gotten so awful that I was going to see the heat as well as AC business yearly to not only change out my air filter, but I also added several laying air cleaners to every single room. I was willing to try anything to get the air quality to be better in the house. Thankfully, the air cleaners did work as well as made the space more livable until the people I was with and I were able to get something better.


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