The filthiest ductwork I had ever seen

The house had been sitting empty for three years, so while it looked clean, it smelled stale and funky.

We knew going in that after so long it would need a lot of little things done to it, as well as a few big things like replacing the carpets.

We got all the work done within a couple weeks, and made huge strides before moving in. That first night I noticed that something was still a bit musty in the old house. My wife had some problems with allergies, as well, so I knew we had missed something. The culprit was the old, dirty ductwork system in the place, which had never been cleaned before, apparently. I removed one of the air vents in the living room, and stuck a flashlight inside to look around. I was stunned, because never before did I know just how filthy and dirty the inside of an air duct could get! It looked like someone had opened up a full vacuum bag and emptied it out inside the ductwork. Correction, I mean it looked like someone had opened up a hundred vacuum bags inside that ductwork! Even if we could reach in there to sweep it out, we knew that all of the air ducts were this filthy and we couldn’t clean them all. He had to call a local HVAC tech and request a full cleaning. It took just a few hours, and when she was done the tech told us that she had never seen ductwork this filthy before… just like me!
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