The tornado tore away the air conditioner

This section is not known for tornados, however they do happen from time to time.

I think this firsthand, but I somehow managed to sleep through the twister, I did see the results of it tearing through my town 1 night.

At first I thought I was seeing things, because most houses on the street looked fantastic and dandy, however a few others had been savagely attacked by the twister. A few were missing roofs, and more than one homes were altogether destroyed! I gave my house a quick exterior inspection, and aside from some missing shingles it did not appeach to be damaged… There was a smashed up air conditioner component in my backyard, though, 1 that did not belong to me! I would think that originally this chunk of metal and wires might have weighed 200 pounds or more, however now it was just a pile of metallic shreds in the shape of an air conditioner. I could see the metal struts on the bottom of the AC unit, where it had been affixed to a brick slab. There were still bits of broken brick on the metal struts, showing myself and others how strong that tornado must have been to option up that air conditioner and throw it across the town. It would be some weeks later that I found out the air conditioner belonged to a family that lived about twelve miles away from me. Imagine the strength of winds needed to option up an entire air conditioner and carry it for twelve whole miles! It entirely blows my mind.

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