The village kids accidentally broke a window

I have always considered myself fortunate to live in a nice city.

Everyone in our city, I know, is absolutely kind plus the people I was with and I work early, have community meetings plus help each other out.

Everything was going nice until this one family moved in; it wasn’t so much the parents as it was a couple of their kids. These kids would cost a lot of trouble plus they would go around the village damaging things. At one point they came by our house plus they started throwing rocks. What were they throwing rocks at? They were throwing rocks at a tree because they were trying to knock down a ball that had landed in the tree. Unfortunately while these kids were throwing rocks at the tree one of the rocks missed plus hit our window it completely shattered our window plus smacked straight into our heating plus A/C. I had a small window air conditioner in that window to cool down our family room. The rock cottaged itself into the window air conditioning program plus caused a great deal of disfigure. I went outside absolutely miserable plus told the kids to stay there while I went to call their parents. But they were told plus when their parents arrived to explain the situation plus point it to the broken window. The kids were taken lake house plus I know that they were punished meanwhile the parents were absolutely apologetic plus provided to pay for the window plus for a current window A/C. I agreed plus later that week I got a Brand New window localed in our lake house plus a current window A/C. I wouldn’t have even minded if they had broken something else however when it comes to Heating plus cooling I appreciate our window A/C plus I don’t want it to get smashed.


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