Choosing ductless heat pumps as our residential Heating & Air Conditioning method

There are 3 ductless heat pumps in our condo & they are just awesome

It was easily a pretty easy decision when it easily came down to it. Being a first time homeowner, it wasn’t like I had unlimited funds to do just anything I wanted with the heating & cooling in our little house. So when the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier reported that the Heating & Air Conditioning upgrade hit a snag, I trusted the Heating & Air Conditioning professional to find a solution. And that trust has been rewarded with the highest quality heating & air I have ever known. It’s funny how heating & cooling were such a major motivation for myself and others to get our own locale. It didn’t matter what apartment I lived in, I was never satisfied with the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. When I obtained our starter home, I knew that there would be some renovations since it needed some work. This is why I was able to afford the locale really. But our budget had some firm parameters. So when the Heating & Air Conditioning supplier called to tell myself and others that the HVAC duct was not useable, I left labor to meet with him. He showed myself and others & it was true, the HVAC duct was simply decaying in most spots. Yet, ripping it out & replacing it was simply not in our budget. I wasn’t all that freaked out though because I had a feeling that our Heating & Air Conditioning professional would have an answer. He did & the answer was a ductless multi chop system. There are 3 ductless heat pumps in our condo & they are just awesome. The heating & cooling proposal is awesome. In a way, I’m sort of ecstatic the HVAC duct was shot because I think I like the ductless heat pump option even better.


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