Heating plus cooling equality throughout the house

But the main 1 controls all of it if need be.

I recognize our mornings as setter of the thermostat are over. The two of us recently had the Heating plus A/C company come out to tweak the Heating plus A/C equipment. They added all sorts of stuff in the ductwork plus elsewhere. But now, we have zone controlled Heating plus A/C in our home. And hopefully, this will now make everyone ecstatic. I live in a cabin of ladies plus I’m noticing that our options to live in this cabin as I wish are fading. So, you just do the best you can to stave off total anarchy. Just can’t have that at all. When I started getting all the complaints about the thermostat setting from strange voices in our house, our radar went up. Then, I noticed that there were growing disagreements on the thermostat setting. This then led to resentments which the ladies then got all into each other over. This just wouldn’t do for myself and others as I need the peace in our house. Hence, the zone controlled Heating plus A/C I just paid for to make a reality. There is still 1 main thermostat that is also a smart thermostat. Then there are five other thermostats which can be operated independently. But the main 1 controls all of it if need be. I can sort of understand how the ladies aren’t exactly fans of our thermostat setting. For me, I love it a bit cooler with the Heating plus A/C heating plus a bit on the warmer side for Heating plus A/C cooling. That sounds counter intuitive although I guess our internal thermostat is set by our needs to save money on Heating plus A/C costs.

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