I can tell my new girlfriend and I are going to have issues

My girlfriend and I had just moved in together about a week ago. It wasn’t exactly according to plan, but she was having issues over at her family’s place, and asked if she could stay. I didn’t have the best relations with my family either, so I could sympathize, and I felt like if I said no I would be the bad guy. So I agreed, and here we are a week later, officially moved in together. Well so far everything seems to be going smoothly. We work separate hours and kind of go on as if we weren’t living together, but of course making time for each other as well to have fun. However, there is one issue I can see arising in the future. Apparently we have much different tastes in temperature. She loves freezing cold, which in my opinion is weird. Since I don’t like pretending I live in a tundra, I like to keep my house at, you know, normal temperatures. She doesn’t agree, and although it hasn’t caused any fights yet, I have a feeling it will. She should be thankful she is living at my place to begin with, and I’m pretty sure that’s why she hasn’t brought the issue up, it’s because of that reason. Still, if it is going to work out long term between us, I might want to start thinking about getting a zoned HVAC system in the future. With a zoned heating and cooling system, she could have her own freezing room, and I can have the rest of the house at normal temperatures. Getting a zoned air conditioning device is something I will have to look into.