I don’t really want to update the central HVAC yet

I have always been a bit of a money saver.

Which in itself, is not a bad thing, it’s the fact that I tend to take it to the extremes.

My wife has pointed this out to me, and it’s not really something I could deny either. A great example is when I held up a busy shopping line, because the darn cashier wouldn’t give me my 4 cents in change. I know it seems ridiculous, but that would be 4 cents down the drain! That 4 cents will add up, how many other times have we let them keep the change? Anyways, this has caused some issues between my wife and I, because there will be something we need to update, or something she wants to buy, and she almost always wants to go with the expensive option, whereas I prefer the much cheaper option. We almost never agree and that is what is causing the problem. This has been an issue with updating our central HVAC unit. Our central heating and air conditioning device is about 18 years now, and is long overdue for a change. However, since it hasn’t broken down yet and is still working I don’t want to have it removed yet. My wife, the daughter of a HVAC technician, told me that it would be a good idea to get it removed now, because otherwise the old HVAC’s efficiency will continue to decrease, while our bills will continue to increase. She even asked her HVAC specialist father, and he confirmed that getting a new HVAC device now would save us money, not lose money, but I’m still not sure, because it is such a big cost upfront.

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