I just couldn't figure it out.

My husband was outside splitting wood for our fireplace.

We had an excellent heating system, and I didn’t think we needed the fireplace.

My husband told me that it was Christmas, and we were going to have the lit fireplace whether we needed it or not. The temperatures outside were close to 70 and I thought that a fireplace was a bit of overkill. My husband still insisted.He told me that we were going to have snow for Christmas and the fireplace would make the house seem more cozy. I just couldn’t figure it out. He wanted so badly to have snow on the ground for Christmas, that I think he truly believed it. I listened to the weather report that afternoon and they were saying that the unusually warm weather was to continue to the end of the year. My husband told me that his sciatica never lied to him, and this time it was telling him we were going to have snow. The next morning, I got up and there was a chill inside the house. My husband was humming while bringing the wood into the house and getting the fireplace set to be lit. I turned on the weather, and there was the weather person saying that a freak cold front had dropped down on our area. They were predicting up to 16 inches of snow that would start falling within the next three hours. My husband patted his back and said, “My sciatica never lies.”. I’m not sure I’m happy that his sciatica never lies, but I am looking forward to a romantic evening in front of the fireplace.