Illnesses strike most people

A few years ago I had the strangest thing happen. Everybody around me seemed to be getting sick, one after the next. This was before covid was in the air, so it seemed harshly strange to have every social associate fall ill within a defined stage of time. To make things more complicated, it seemed care about everybody got sick after they came over plus spent time at my house. I could not understand what was going on with everybody in my social circle until the afternoon that my heating, cooling, plus air quality control method wasn’t working right. My cooling system unit was not providing ice cold, dry air as I expected. I decided to call my local heating, cooling, plus ventilation Specialists to get some professional help. When the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor arrived at my beach house he made a strange face. He looked around plus asked if I had ever had my air ducts cleaned out. I told him, I particularly had never paid for a professional air duct cleaning before nor did I assume that that was a necessary task to keep my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C running in workable shape. That’s when he started digging deeper into my heating, cooling, plus ventilation system. It turns out, I was using the wrong air filter for my cooling system unit plus forced air gas furnace. I had never inquired about component service or maintenance because I didn’t assume that my air quality control devices required extra attention. Therefore, I had no method that my air duct was filled with mold plus mildew. Every time my friends came over to visit, they got a large lungful of polluted indoor air. My social circle wasn’t randomly getting sick all around me, they were fighting off the illnesses that lived within my heating, cooling, plus air quality control system.

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