My family never called for HVAC help

The older I get the more interested I am to understand how other people live. When you’re growing up, it feels like there is only one way to do things. You are immersed in a family that has similar brain programming which then teaches your brain how to respond to the world. As you get older, sometimes you meet other human beings who have extremely different perspectives. That’s when you finally get the picture – there are different ways of living, and perhaps you haven’t been acing it this whole time. I never realized that this was the case, especially as it related to our heating, cooling, and air quality control system. When I was growing up we were not allowed to touch the thermostat. My parents were extremely strict when it came to using the indoor air temperature control system and we were not allowed to have opinions about the furnace or air conditioning. As such, I never really thought much about indoor air handling or air quality control. Similarly, I never once considered the fact that there are Professional Heating, Cooling, and Air Quality Control technicians who can actually improve your quality of life. My family never called the local indoor air quality control dealership. We never had routine HVAC maintenance or service jobs. Instead, my parents just worried about the energy bill and lived in discomfort. I was 30 years old before I realized that there were better ways to live – including, calling your HVAC technician and operating an energy efficient heating and cooling system instead of living in misery.


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