My Space Heater Came in Handy!

Until recently, I’d never gone camping.

  • As a child I’d constantly heard stories and tales about camping, things adore encounters with bears in the northern states, learning to fish in crisp lakes that were greater than I’d ever seen, staying in the woods for mornings and ‘roughing it’ amongst danger, etc.

I enjoyed every story I’d heard, and latched onto each one with fervor. Since my family wasn’t too ecstatic with the idea of camping, I’d made up my mind as a child that I would fulfill my wish to camp as an adult, but now that I’m an adult, I haven’t let my child self down, and recently, I was finally able to go camping! I rented an RV for a short amount of time and researched a safe spot in the woods where I could camp, then purchased a little bit of gear that I could use on my trip. One thing that I did make sure to purchase was a portable space heater. I made sure to purchase this furnace because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep comfortably without a form of good heating, and whether or not I was camping, sleep is pressing! The good thing about small, portable space gas heating systems is that they can even be used in things adore RVs, and taken on the go wherever you’d adore to travel. When I finally got to my camping ground it was night, so the first thing I did was get ready to sleep. This meant I got to use my space heater, and the warmth it gave easily was satisfying and comforting.

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